MyMatch: The match between employers and applicants

MyMatch uses 21 behavioural types, represented by specific colours. They show the desired profile clearly and objectively and help to achieve the perfect match. They’re objective – not subjective. As such, they leave no room for incorrect interpretation during the application process.

From MyDrives…

Using an online questionnaire filled in by the applicant, MyDrives offers an insight into what the applicant wants and produces an exact picture of their ‘underwater’ drives. Every applicant has a unique drive profile – it’s in their nature.

…to MyMatch

Generally, there are only a few types of behaviour that are naturally suited to a given applicant. These are the types of behaviour that fit in seamlessly with the applicant’s drives. The perfect match can be found if the applicant is able to take on a role that corresponds with their drives.

MyMatch: mymatch’s 21 Behavioural types

Binnen The core component of MyMatch is comprised of 21 human behavioural types. They are based on the different combinations of the MyDrives colours. If the vacancy in question is a sales role, you may need to look for the sharpshooter (the combination of orange and blue) or a proactive applicant (the combination of orange and red). Different vacancies require different personalities.

Keep in mind that a person is never just one single type. In most cases, they also possess the characteristics of two or three other types of behaviour to a certain extent.


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