MyHabits: what do I want?

The MyHabits 360° questionnaire is based on the MyDrives colour theory and draws on the preferred roles from the MyDrives analysis. If someone is able to exhibit the behaviour that matches their personal motives and associated preferred roles, they are most likely to be energized and gain momentum.

By asking different people from a certain environment to fill in the MyHabits 360° questionnaire about someone’s behaviour, you get a complete picture of which colours are visible in the person’s behaviour. This does not mean that the colours that are not visible will never be shown, which may be the case in another environment. After all, a person’s behaviour is always influenced by their environment.

MyHabits 360°


MyHabits: think differently

When you understand someone’s drives and the MyHabits 360° behaviour profile, you get a clear picture of that person’s development potential. Personal behaviour is not static: experiencing new environments, successes, and setbacks enable you as human being to develop new and different behaviour. In particular, colours that are not perceived by people in a person’s environment in their personal behaviour offer opportunities for such growth and development.

It is important that the participants themselves are motivated to exhibit different colours in their behaviour, whether by adapting more consciously to their environment, by taking a break at crucial moments, or by modifying the colour they show. This will make their behaviour more effective and improve teamwork.

MyHabits: habitual behaviour

Pausing by colour

To enable individuals and teams to work together better, it is important to ‘pause’ their habitual behaviour in stressful situations. Depending on a person’s MyDrives colour analysis, this pause entails something different for everyone.

Putting the structured, precise blue drive on pause means that you should not stick too rigidly to rules and that you should not keep complaining about the smallest details.

Putting the analytical, critical yellow drive on pause means that you have to ask yourself whether you’re overcomplicating matters and whether change really does lead to improvement.

MyHabits: Doing things differently

Doing is the best way of thinking

Simply adding new colours when necessary sounds so easy, as does understanding other colours and the corresponding behaviour. But what is difficult is to actually put this into practice. Therein lies the challenge. That is why MyHabits sends text-message assignments to participants, taking them out of their comfort zone and helping them to make their own decisions, dare to make mistakes, and determine what works and does not work in an experimental fashion.

‘When talking to colleagues today, save your own opinion for last.’

‘Tell a colleague today that you appreciate him or her for who he or she is and what he or she does.’

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