MyDrives: what does the iceberg tell us


What do you show to other people?

The underwater part of the iceberg contains a person’s hidden drives, which MyDrives brings to the surface. The above-water section shows a person’s habitual behaviour. The underwater personal drives push the habitual behaviour above water.

Positive feeling

When people are in their natural element, they demonstrate behaviour that corresponds to their drives. If the underwater part of the iceberg links up with the above-water section, this results in a positive feeling on balance. If not, this logically leads to stress.

what the colours mean

MyDrives is based on the principles of:

Having insight into yourself
understanding other people

Focusing on these two principles leads to more understanding of each other and improved teamwork.

MyDrives analyses people’s hidden motives using seven characteristic colours. The MyDrives analysis is informed by a questionnaire that is completed by every participant.

MyDrives: what do I want?


The MyDrives report shows which preferred colours determine a person’s personality. The ‘opposite’ of this is shown on the right-hand side of the iceberg, which consists of the environments and the behaviour of others that irritate the person in question.

The above example shows the colour profile of a result-oriented (orange) individual who wants to achieve their goals in a decisive (red) and innovative (yellow) way. This person loves clear agreements, as they help them to reach their orange goals.

The purple opposition of this person indicates that he has great difficulty with a conservative culture in which people mainly stick to the past. This person also has difficulty with a turquoise (floating and strongly philosophizing) culture.

MyDrives energy balance: What energizes you? And what doesn’t?

The energy balance indicates which colours give you energy or sap your energy away. The size of the corresponding sphere shows the extent to which this is the case. If you had a good week, then you will have a surplus energy balance. If the week felt too long, then the ‘minus’ drives will have influenced your energy balance for the most part.

MyDrives: Which role do you prefer?

The MyDrives analysis shows your personal preferred roles, which are made up of the highest colour combinations in your preferred drives.

Although these preferred roles are inherent to you, you could also perform in other roles. Because just like all other people, you’re not restricted in who you can be. If you can exhibit the behaviour associated with your preferred roles, this behaviour will reflect your true wishes. This maximizes the likelihood that you will enjoy what you do in the long term and be successful.

The triangle clearly shows whether someone is more of a thinker, doer, or an emotional person. If you are a thinker, you take the time to devise an effective solution. An action-oriented doer initially reacts quickly, while an emotional person will mainly follow their feelings when making a decision.


MyDrives: stress patron

We are not talking about a bit of pressure, but stress – complete stress. Nobody likes it, but it can happen to everyone. The MyDrives analysis gives a crystal-clear insight into the colours that determine a person’s thinking and behaviour in high-pressure situations.



MyDrives: What do you think about others?

orange versus turquoise

Think a little more about yourself. And I often just don’t understand you.

You’re vain and materialistic. I don’t understand that either.

To communicate effectively and improve teamwork, it is important to better understand the other person after gaining insights into your own behaviour. What drives the other person? Do these correspond with your own drives?

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